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Designed to combat overheating in metal roofed industrial and commercial buildings, SkyCool can prevent excess heat produced by the sun from entering the building. In fact, it will even "pump out" some of the internal heat to produce an environment that is cooler and more comfortable than shaded external ambient air. Industrial users have recorded constant internal sub-roof temperature decreases of 20 to 40°C; bringing their work areas to around 14°C below ambient in the peak of summer. Read more (pdf download)


SkyCool is a specialised thermal coating applied to the exterior of metal roofed buildings. An application will result in a number of important benefits including:

  • Large drop in internal temperature, like that experienced by a shopping complex in Melbourne. Read more . . .


  • Substantial and very cost-effective reduction in air conditioning power consumption. View video . . .
  • Greater efficiency & life from existing air conditioning plant through reduced peak loads.
  • Substantial leak reduction and excellent roof preservation. Read more . . .
  • Significant contribution to the environment through large reductions in greenhouse gas generation resulting from the power saved.
  • A more productive work environment without the expense of air conditioning.
  • Increased value in the building whether it is conditioned or not.


  • Roof is protected from:

~ Thermal shock due to varying sun load.


~ Corrosion from atmospheric contaminants.


  • Environmentally safe and convenient to apply - there is no interruption to the business of your building.



In brief, SkyCool presents in most buildings a triple bottom line benefit to the user and the community:-



  • Large energy cost savings
  • Preservation of the roof 


  • Significant abatement of greenhouse gas