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From Perth to Dubbo to Cairns a range of non-air conditioned warehouses and factories are benefiting from substantial cooling.  Simply by applying SkyCool they have made the interior cooler than fully shaded outside air.

Mid-western New South Wales is well known for its hot summers. Situated west of Dubbo is the DuPont company, Pioneer Hi-Breed producers of high quality crop seeds to the agriculture industry.

An important factor in the processing and storage of seed is temperature control. In the central west of New South Wales daily temperatures can often reach as high as the mid-forties in the shade. This often translates into temperatures under metal roofs of around 50°C to 80°C, depending upon the building configuration. Even with a large external air exchange systems, internal temperatures are regularly well above the daily ambient.

This problem is traditionally addressed through either mechanical plant or very costly types of insulation. The common problem with these methods is that they are all attempting to combat solar heating after it has heated the building exterior.

In light of this fact, Pioneer Hi-Breed decided on a different approach. They would apply a coating to the exterior of their buildings, particularly the roofs, to minimise solar heating at the point of entry - the roof metal. The objective of the project was to see what effect preventing the roof metal from being heated by the sun would have on the internal environment; and from that determine the overall cost effectiveness this approach.