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Vega Press is a 100% carbon-offset eco-friendly sheetfed printer based in Melbourne with over 50 years experience. "We have won many local and international environmental business awards acknowledging our commitment to green print and sustainability.  Vega was described by Print 21 Online (the Australian and New Zealand online journal for the Printing Industries) as being the "Top end of high quality commercial and advertising print in Victoria...a Melbourne sheetfed powerhouse".

In July this year Vega was awarded the most sustainable solution at the Heidelberg Eco Awards in Germany for implementing the SkyCool solution. The judging panel's spokesman Dr. Achim Schorb from the IFEU (Institute for Energy and Environmental Research) in Heidelberg said “This high energy-saving potential is a solution that can also be used for other regions - such as southern Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia - where presses are exposed to high temperatures all year round and normally require a great deal of cooling. The other judges were William D'Alessandro, Executive Editor of the Crosslands Bulletin on Business, Law and the Environment in the United States, Anne-Marie De Noose from the European printing confederation Intergraf in Brussels, and Rainer Litty from the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF). They, too, were very impressed by the print shops' highly innovative environmental and sustainability achievements. www.vega.com.au

SkyCool client wins prestigous worldwide environmental award

Sustainable innovative solution: Vega Press, Australia


Mr Robert Nugent - Commercial Manager